KIIS Loves JedwardWhen Australian radio station KIIS1065 tweeted on Sunday…

…Jedward fans around the world wondered what it could mean.  John and Edward then tweeted:

KIIS1065 went on a follow spree, and their entire timeline was filled with Jedward fans, much to the amusement/bemusement of non-fans.

KIIS1065/Spin1038 DJ Nick K then revealed something was indeed going on between the station and the Twins:

Fast forward to Monday, when Europe was getting ready for bed. KIIS shook everyone up fast by tweeting:

MASSIVE? What could be so massive?? Everyone tuned into KIIS to find out…

Dutifully we changed our DPs to the photo…

…and received our reward!

Tweet questions (different, “out of the box” ones) to #KIISLovesJedward because John and Edward will be answering the most interesting ones.  Please also like and comment on KIIS’s Facebook page here.

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