Jedward in Frida Magazine

Thanks again to Beth for the translation!

Frida MagazineJedward are back!

Listen up all Jedheads! Your favourite duo are back with an album they wrote themselves. John & Edward are ready once again to show the world their delightful personalites.

In just 3 years Jedward have taken part in the Eurovision twice as Ireland’s entry & managed to release 3 albums. This summer they’ll be releasing their 4th album, Free Spirit, which for the first time is written and produced entirely by 22 year old John& Edward Grimes.

Can you tell us about the first single from the album, Free Spirit?

J: it’s the first song we’ve written entirely by ourselves, the fans flip out when they hear it. The song’s about the Olympic Figure Skater Gracie Gold. I saw her on tv & thought she was fantastic.

How does it feel now your fans have heard the song?

J: it’s unbelievable because it’s ours

E: many of our fans have tattoos of our song texts, but it’s more fun now because we wrote them ourselves. Not that I’m encouraging anyone to get a tattoo, haha!

Would you get tattoos yourselves?

J: I like tattoos but I wouldn’t get one myself. If I did, it’d have to be a very good one, the most amazing tattoo ever.

E: we don’t need tattoos to express ourselves.


You’re releasing an album you wrote yourselves this summer, how does that feel?

J: unbelievable, we’ve been working on it since October & it’s difficult when you’re doing it all yourselves.

E: after Eurovision we got a lot of songs sent to us that producers would like us to sing, but there came a day when we said that we ought to be doing it ourselves instead.

How are your love lives?

E: we always talk & text a lot of cool girls. But we’ve not found the one yet.

Why do you think girls like you so much?

J: we’re the kindest guys ever. We’re cool when we’re round girls & I think they like us  because we’re ourselves. We’re not like other guys.

Your Mum is your manager & is with you when you play, how’s that?

E: it’s nice! If we’d been on our own it would be more difficult. I can understand why celebrities go crazy because they’re alone. That’s why it’s so good that me & John always have each other to talk to & we’ve known each other our entire lives. It’s good to have our Mum with us because she treats us normally.

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