A Big Thank You to all Jedward Fans – UPDATED!

Here are some more details of Free Spirit radio plays due to fan requests, since our last update on the 13th June:

In addition to those previously mentioned in the link above, we now have the following UK radio stations all playing Free Spirit:


Lionheart_Radio now has Free Spirit and is playing it regularly;

CHIRPRadio in Chicago plays Free Spirit when requested, with the hashtag, #CHIRPRequest;

In Poland, RadioFair last night held a “Jedward Special” consisting of two full hours of Jedward music including Free Spirit;

The current issue of German Yeah! magazine contains an interview with John and Edward.;

radiodiego has brought back it’s #TwitterTop5 and Free Spirit has taken the number 1 or 2 spot consistently.

Thank you to everyone who has requested, voted or contacted a radio station or magazine and made all this possible.

If you know of any radio stations, in any country, that are playing Free Spirit, please let us know on Jedworldnews and we’ll add it to our next update!

About jedworldnews

International Jedward Fans Promoting Since November 2011.
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