VIVA Germany

20140709-074942-28182944.jpgJohn and Edward have sent all their videos to VIVA Germany, so to get them played on German Television, please tweet the following links (including the hashtag #tweetclips):

Jedward – Free Spirit #tweetclips

Jedward – Everyday Superstar #tweetclips

Jedward – Lipstick #tweetclips

Jedward – Waterline #tweetclips

Jedward – WOW OH WOW #tweetclips

Jedward – Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby) #tweetclips

Jedward – Bad Behaviour #tweetclips

Jedward – Luminous #tweetclips

Jedward – POV #tweetclips

Jedward -Happens In The Dark #tweetclips

Jedward – A Girl Like You – #tweetclips

Jedward – How Did You Know #tweetclips

Jedward – Miss America #tweetclips

Jedward – What’s Your Number – #tweetclips

Jedward – Young Love #tweetclips

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