Three Years since Jedward on Big Brother

Celebrity Big Brother has started again on Channel 5 in the UK, and to commemorate this event, The Irish Sun wrote about their 15 most memorable moments over the show’s history.  Naturally (and not JUST because it’s an Irish newspaper), John and Edward got a mention!

Irish Sun CBBSun CBB 2Sun CBB 3Believe it or not, last night also marks 3 years since John and Edward entered the Celebrity Big Brother house, and so we have decided to mark the occasion with a few of our favourite photos.



Electric shockAs with their first Eurovision performance earlier that year, appearing on Celebrity Big Brother introduced John and Edward to another audience who may or may not have encountered them before.  It also gave existing fans an opportunity to see the twins every day for three weeks, and although it was an artificial environment, allowed a “fly on the wall” experience.  They were easily the most popular contestants of that series, and are definitely among the most memorable of all CBB contestants.  Additionally it produced a long-lasting friendship between John and Edward and Sharknado actress, Tara Reid, with whom the pair hope to soon go on their now annual summer holiday.

Since participating in Celebrity Big Brother, John and Edward, whose album “Victory” was released shortly before, have gone from strength to strength, representing Ireland once again in the Eurovision in 2012, and releasing “Young Love” shortly after.  They have taken control of their career, breaking ties with their former management, and have cultivated a more mature image, befitting the fact that they’re nearly 23.  With their first self-written and produced album due out next month (and lead song Free Spirit making waves all over the world), 2015 is bound to hold great things for the Dublin duo.

What are your favourite memories of Celebrity Big Brother 2011?

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