Jedward in the UK

john and edward on BBBOTSJohn and Edward flew into the UK yesterday for the start of a hectic day’s promotion in light of their video fro Free Spirit being available to purchase from iTunes.  Starting with interviews for BBC Radio Bristol/Somerset and BBC Radio Lancashire, they also managed to fit one in for BBC Radio Kent, which will be broadcast on Monday, 15 September, just after 4pm.

Thanks to RusJedward for recording these!

From their interviews they moved on to London where they met up with Beth Anton and Daisy Sammes (who they previously worked with on Jedward’s Big Adventure), Caz Fergusson from We Love Pop Mag, and then onto Big Brother’s Bit on the Side, where they were guest panelists.  Watch it here.

Today they are doing a text takeover for music Channel StarzTV.  Fans can text in questions they want the twins to answer.  Texts cost £1 (€2 from ROI).

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