Jedward on Instagram

John and Edward posted on their instagram and tumblr this morning:

Jedward on Instagram

And the answers kept coming! We’ve reproduced those we considered to be very interesting, or containing useful info.

What’s the best thing John & Edward have seen in LA?


Advice about exams:

instagram2How it’s not cool to think you’re cool:

instagram4 The song-writing process:instagram5Are they going to Vienna for ESC this year?Instagram7What sort of music do they like?

Instagram8Head or heart?

Instagram9Are John and Edward going to tour Europe again?Instagram10What’s the best thing they’ve done/experienced since they’ve been in the US?Instagram11Friendships are like a star:Instagram12What are their favourite vinyl records and why?Instagram13If they filled their house with balloons what colour would they be?


And the last one we’re including (there’s loads more replies) – What’s the best thing about being a twin?Instagram15

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