Jedward Support Anti-Bullying Campaign and Yes Vote

Jedward Anti Bullying Ambassadors

John and Edward have returned to Dublin from Los Angeles, and today were at Facebook’s European Headquarters at Grand Canal, as part of the “Stay Safe on Facebook” Campaign. Together with other musical artists, such as Ronan Keating, Fresh Re and Nadine Coyle, the twins spoke out about how they were bullied when they were at school for being different.

Speaking at the launch of Facebook’s new Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign, John told the Irish Sun, “When we were in school, people would single us out because we wouldn’t smoke, drink or go to parties.”

“Our hair was a big factor as well, if you are different, people see it as a problem.”

Edward added that the pair used bullying as a learning experience. They channelled their energy into cross-country running and their music.

While at the event they were asked how they would be voting in Ireland’s Marriage Equality Referendum on May 22.

John said, “I feel like it’s a massive moment. It is acceptable now. People should vote Yes because there’s no big deal. People make a big deal out of it, but the answer should be Yes.”

Edward said, “The answer should be Yes because everyone deserves equality.”

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