The JedHug Tour Comes to an End

estoniaJohn and Edward have hugged and selfied their way across Europe in a 10 day, 17 city tour, starting in Copenhagen, Denmark, and finishing in Tallinn, Estonia. They visited a total of 13 different countries, including several they had not visited before.

The tour was very ambitious, with the twins visiting up to three different countries in one day, but all in all, it can be considered a success.

Fans who had given up all hope of seeing Jedward in their country have now the additional dream of the twins returning for concert dates.

@jedvita has some videos from Latvia on her youtube channel, while @roadrunner1904 has some on hers, including when John and Edward and German fans sang for HRH Queen Elizabeth in Berlin:

Check out @planetjedward for more photos and videos from the tour.

Did you meet John and Edward on their European airport tour? Did you get photos? Was it your first time, or the first time they had visited your country? Let us know!

So – what’s next for the twins? Sharknado 3 is due out in just under a month so we can anticipate promotion for that. Exciting times!


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