Jedward Set Their Sites On The UK for ESC 2016

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Dublin duo Jedward are preparing to return to Eurovision again – this time for the UK.

The pop pair, John and Edward Grimes, who turn 24 this month, have twice represented their home country of Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest, in Dusseldorf in 2011 and Baku in 2012. On both occasions the Irish twins beat the UK, with their 2011 entry, Lipstick, becoming a massive hit across Europe, and spreading in popularity as far as Australia and Asia.

Speaking exclusively to Ken Sweeney from the Irish Sun, Edward said,

“We’re definitely up for it. We see it as the most fantastic opportunity. But this time, we are in it to win it.”

John added,

“We know we are already popular in Eurovision and will have support across Britain to represent the UK because of the fan base we got in X Factor.”

John and Edward have been in Los Angeles working on new music, and are returning to headline the Massive Pop Party in Blackpool this weekend, in a concert also featuring Only The Young, and Bars and Melody. The Massive Pop Party is a charity concert to support ‘Our Local Heroes‘. You can get tickets for the event here.

Jedward will begin their Eurovision campaign in the UK later this month.

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