Jedward Rock Belfast at Kremlin Nightclub


Jedward showed Belfast what they had been missing with their performance on Saturday night at Kremlin Night Club.

Having spent most of this year in Los Angeles, where they are currently recording new music, the Dublin Duo made a welcome return to the Emerald Isle, performing an energetic, if brief, PA. The twins hit the stage at a very appropriate 1.25am and launched into five songs.

Fans had flown in from across Europe, including as far abroad as Finland and Germany, not to mention the UK and both sides of the Irish border. John and Edward’s first song was their 2012 Eurovision bid song ‘Waterline’. They then quickly upped the pace with their popular cover of Blink 182’s ‘All The Small Things’. Keeping up the tempo with ‘Oh Hell No’, which featured in Sharknado 3, they gave the audience a chance to catch their breath, by singing the Titanium-like, ‘Luminous’.


Rounding off the evening (or morning, rather) the twins sang what has been their traditional concert finisher, ‘Lipstick’. Exhausted, and possibly relieved at being able to finally leave (most of the fans had been in the venue since 9pm), we still wanted more.

Jedward will be performing at, and flicking the “on” switch at the Christmas Lights festivities in Hamilton, Scotland, on November 21.

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