Jedward’s Winter Airport Tour

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Following the success of their European airport tour last summer, Jedward are about to embark on a similar journey in the new year, with another whirlwind tour.

Brussels (Zaventem) arriving on the morning of 6 January at 9.20am, They will fly out of Brussels at 1pm to Berlin.

Berlin (Schönefeld) sees the twins arrive at 2.25pm. From there they fly to Cologne at 6.15pm.

Staying in Germany, Jedward arrive at Cologne airport at 7.30pm.

John and Edward will fly into Milan (Bergamo) airport at approximately 10am on January 7. Their next destination we know about is Budapest. There is a flight from Milan at 2.05pm which reaches Budapest at 3.40pm.

Jedward fly into Copenhagen airport at 1.15pm on January 8. From there they will fly to Stockholm (NYO) arriving at 3.50pm. Their next destination is London (Stansted), arriving at 7.25pm.

On 9 January John and Edward will go to Riga, Latvia, and Tallinn, Estonia, on January 9. Following these, they shall arrive in Helsinki, Finland, at 8.30pm, travelling by ferry. They will fly out the next day.

Swedish fans get a second visit from Jedward this January when they fly into Gothenburg (Landvetter) at 6.45pm on 10 January.

John and Edward will fly into Glasgow at 5.30pm on 11 January.

January 12 John and Edward fly into Manchester at 8am. They then return to Germany, flying to Bremen, arriving at 2.20pm.

Spain gets their first Jedward airport tour visit, with the twins leaving Bremen at 4.20pm and flying into Madrid airport at 7pm.

We’ll keep you updated as more times and dates come to light.

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