Jedward at Summer in the City

Last weekend John and Edward arrived in London as guests of the annual Youtuber event Summer in the City, where they met over a thousand fans in meet and greets, including an eight hour unofficial meet and greet in the boulevarde outside the event. Sunday, at their official meet and greet, they met over 200 people, and had to extend their original 2 hour slot to nearly 4.

The twins proved to be extremely popular with event goers, as well as YouTubers, many of whom featured them in their latest Vlogs.

While at SitC, John and Edward attended the launch of the new YouTube Space, London, which opens its recording studios and edit space to any YouTubers with over 10,000 subscribers. There are equivalent studios in Los Angeles, New York, Berlin, Paris, Mumbai, Tokyo, São Paulo, and Toronto. YouTube Space London is situated next to Kings Cross St Pancras station, and is the largest in Europe, featuring 4K and virtual reality cameras. The 20,000 square foot venue replaces the former 5,000 sq foot YouTube Space London which was situated in Camden, near Google.

YouTubers with at least 10,000 subscribers can book to use the studios at any time, which means as John and Edward have close to 100,000 subscribers on their JedwardTV channel, they are also entitled to use any of the YouTube Space facilities.

You can see John and Edward in the following SitC roundup Vlogs:

Cherry Wallis:

Evan Edinger:

Joe Tasker:

There are many more  – see our Twitter for more details.

John and Edward also gave a very indepth interview to Red Carpet TV, which you can see here:

John and Edward made an incredible impact on everyone at Summer in the City this year, and it is hoped that all those who have met them would be able to show their appreciation by downloading a copy of their latest single, ‘The HOPE Song’, which was released on Friday. You can buy it from iTunes, Amazon, Google Play Store, and HMV Digital Music.

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