International Jedward Day In Two Weeks!


It’s International Jedward Day in just under two weeks! Every year on November 26 fans celebrate John and Edward. What are you going to do this year?

In previous years we’ve commemorated the date by tweeting about the twins all day, putting posts on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media. This year, let’s take it up a notch!

Here’s some ideas we’ve had – let us know if you’re planning on doing any of them or if you have some ideas of your own you’d like to share with all the fans!

  • A Jedward Flashmob organised with fans from your local area (video and send it to us!)
  • A dance routine to a Jedward song (also video it!)
  • A video telling everyone what you love most about John and Edward – if you have a YouTube channel why not do a vlog about International Jedward Day?
  • Social media posts all day promoting Jedward and their music
  • Get in contact with media (radio, newspapers, magazines, TV) on an international, national, and local level and tell them about International Jedward Day
  • Promote them on your website
  • If you’re part of the Jedward Street Team (and if not, see here for details) put Jedward stickers all over your local area
  • Use the hashtag #InternationalJedwardDay on all your tweets, Facebook, and Instagram posts for that day
  • Send “mysterious” tweets to media ahead of the day without explanation, such as “Two days to go! Get excited!”

Get together with your friends and see what you can come up with! Let’s make this International Jedward Day the best one ever!

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