#Jedward Announce Album Release Date And First Single

Jedward have just announced that first single from upcoming fourth album, ‘Voice Of A Rebel’, entitled ‘Soul Crushing’ will be released to download and stream, across Asia from June 6th, then worldwide from 13th June.

New album ‘Voice Of A Rebel’ will be released worldwide on June 27. The twins also announced the track list from the album, which consists of 22 self penned songs.

1.Soul Crushing

2.Bodies In Action

3.Follow My Whispers


5.Teenage Runaway

6.Phoenix Wings

7. Extraordinary

8.Respect Your Dreams

9.Kid At Heart

10.True Calling

11.Taste The Heat

12. Spice Things Up

13. Lip Bite

14. Thirsty

15. Freedom You Deserve

16. Born To Touch Your Heart

17. Running With The Angels

18. Legends

19. Heroes Of The Future

20. Choose Your Own Adventure

21. Live For The Magic

22. Voice Of A Rebel

In speaking to RTe in April, John and Edward said,

Soul Crushing is a heartbreak song

‘Voice Of A Rebel’ is the fourth album for the Dublin duo, and the first under their new record deal with Universal Music Asia.

Some titles such as ‘Phoenix Wings’, and ‘Bodies In Action’ have previously been released, while the Twins revealed during their recent UK tour that good friend Ed Sheeran’s favourite track was called ‘Spice Things Up’. John and Edward also previewed several tracks on tour.

‘Voice Of A Rebel’ will be available to stream and download worldwide from June 27.


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