#Jedward Announce Album Release Date And First Single

Jedward have just announced that first single from upcoming fourth album, ‘Voice Of A Rebel’, entitled ‘Soul Crushing’ will be released to download and stream, across Asia from June 6th, then worldwide from 13th June.

New album ‘Voice Of A Rebel’ will be released worldwide on June 27. The twins also announced the track list from the album, which consists of 22 self penned songs.

1.Soul Crushing

2.Bodies In Action

3.Follow My Whispers


5.Teenage Runaway

6.Phoenix Wings

7. Extraordinary

8.Respect Your Dreams

9.Kid At Heart

10.True Calling

11.Taste The Heat

12. Spice Things Up

13. Lip Bite

14. Thirsty

15. Freedom You Deserve

16. Born To Touch Your Heart

17. Running With The Angels

18. Legends

19. Heroes Of The Future

20. Choose Your Own Adventure

21. Live For The Magic

22. Voice Of A Rebel

In speaking to RTe in April, John and Edward said,

Soul Crushing is a heartbreak song

‘Voice Of A Rebel’ is the fourth album for the Dublin duo, and the first under their new record deal with Universal Music Asia.

Some titles such as ‘Phoenix Wings’, and ‘Bodies In Action’ have previously been released, while the Twins revealed during their recent UK tour that good friend Ed Sheeran’s favourite track was called ‘Spice Things Up’. John and Edward also previewed several tracks on tour.

‘Voice Of A Rebel’ will be available to stream and download worldwide from June 27.


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#10YearsOfJedward: Jedward Confirm New Album Cover Artwork, Title And Summer Release

2019 marks #10YearsOfJedward: 10 years since the identical twins from Dublin, Ireland, first leapt into the public consciousness with their appearance on The X Factor. They commemorate it with the release of their long-awaited fourth album, the name of which, and artwork, has been revealed today.

The pair fought a hard-earned battle through to the finals, finishing in 6th place in 2009. They’ve since gone on to release 3 albums and 12 non-album singles, as well as making countless television appearances, including hosting several series of their own. They’ve had cameos in 4 films, and represented Ireland twice at the Eurovision Song Contest, with their 2011 8th place still the highest position for Ireland since 2000 – making it effectively their country’s best result this century.


Using their official Twitter account, @planetjedward, Jedward have today revealed the title and cover artwork of their long-awaited fourth album:

Jedward, real names John and Edward Grimes, will release ‘Voice Of A Rebel’ this summer. They will be appearing on ITVs ‘Loose Women’ today.

Recorded in Los Angeles over the past 18 months, it’s the first album of songs entirely written and produced by the duo themselves. John and Edward also have complete creative control over the release, artwork, styling, and videos. Since becoming independent artists in 2013 they have released 12 non-album singles, starting with ‘Free Spirit’ in 2014. Their most recent release was ‘Golden Years’, in November last year.

Jedward will be touring the U.K. next month with two dates in each of Manchester’s historic Factory, the Camden Assembly in London, and Glasgow’s Garage. Tickets are available here.

Two time Eurovision finalists Jedward will also be performing at The Sunshine Festival in August. Tickets and further information here.

Find out more about Jedward online from their official website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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#Jedward Announce May UK Concert Dates

Jedward have today announced they will be performing 6 UK concert dates this May. Further dates, including the possibility of Dublin shows, are yet to be confirmed.


Jedward, real names John and Edward Grimes, will also be releasing their fourth album. As yet the name has not been released, but a series of tweets from the Dublin twins suggested that there are at least 16, possibly more, tracks on the album. All have been written and produced by John and Edward.

The concerts will be between May 10 and 16 inclusive, with two dates in each of Manchester, London, and Glasgow. Dublin dates are as not yet confirmed.

Tickets go on sale next Friday, 15 March, at 9am, and will be available from Ticketweb.

D1IxhHDWkAAR9CH.jpg large

Jedward have released no fewer than 12 singles since 2014, all of which have are self-penned. The May tour will be the first time the pair have performed headline shows in the UK since their 25th birthday concert, at London’s O2 Academy, Islington, in 2016.

Jedward most recently released a series of three songs, ‘Perfect Wonderland‘, ‘Karma‘, and ‘Golden Years‘, back in November last year.

Back in January Jedward had Eurovision fans excited when they tweeted:


Gonna have some Jepic fun good times! 🙌🏻 May is gonna be JEPIC

With the announcement of concerts and the new album, May is most definitely going to be JEPIC!

Be sure to check out Jedward online on their official websiteTwitterFacebookInstagramTumblr, and YouTube.

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All Is Well On PlanetJedward With Restoration Of Twitter Account


After nearly 14 months the @planetjedward Twitter account has finally been unsuspended! Tweeting from their now secondary account, @jepichq, the Dublin twins said,

They added in another tweet that they had to remember their password, and it was thanks to @SeanKeyes, previously with @TwitterDublin but now with @TwitterUK. Additionally, from their @planetjedward account, they tweeted a note, giving thanks to fans and especially @WilliamShatner:

William Shatner responded:

The Irish Daily Mirror also reported about the return of the verified account.

The un-suspension of the account comes in the nick of time, with Jedward’s fourth album set for release in early 2019. The restoration has been described by fans as “A Jedmas miracle”.

It’s great to have @planetjedward back! Please be sure to follow, tweet, like, and retweet, and make sure you keep John and Edward up to date with what you’re up to!

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#InternationalJedwardDay 2018

It’s that time of year again – #InternationalJedwardDay, the day where we celebrate all things Jedward. Nobody knows why this date was chosen specifically, but we do know it was started back in 2013, by Australian fan Bella. Since then it’s been celebrated every year…on November 26.


This year has been rather exciting, as we’ve also got new studio versions of Jedward music. So far John and Edward have released ‘Perfect Wonderland’, and ‘Karma’, while this Friday fans will be able to stream and download ‘Golden Years’, one which we’ve only heard the merest snippets of. Fans have promoted the singles and been streaming and downloading them as part of the #InternationalJedwardDay celebrations.


Today fans have been tweeting, and posting on Instagram, about what things they’re most grateful to John and Edward for. Check out the #InternationalJedwardDay tag to see what everyone has been saying, and why not add your own thoughts!

What are you most grateful for, with regard to John and Edward?

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#Jedward Take Us To A ‘Perfect Wonderland’ With New Single


‘Perfect Wonderland’, the latest single from Jedward is out today. The track is the first release by the Irish singer songwriters, and comes ahead of their fourth album, set to come out early next year.

The upbeat track carries with it a message of hope and positivity, a mantra of affirmation and peace, with lyrics such as

close your eyes but don’t overthink

and never forget the possibilities


don’t overstress, let your mind release

and teleport yourself anywhere you want to be

Both John and Edward share vocal duties, taking a line or two each, and equally singing on backing vox.

‘Perfect Wonderland’ has been a firm fan favourite since the twins first introduced it in 2014. Another song fans have been looking forward to, ‘Karma’, comes out next Friday.

‘Perfect Wonderland’ is available to stream and download from iTunes, Amazon, Google Playstore, Spotify, and Deezer.

Be sure to check out Jedward online on their official website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube.

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Jedward’s John Treats Fans to New Acoustic Cover Of The Police Classic ‘Every Breath You Take’

John Grimes, half of pop star twin duo, Jedward, has treated delighted fans to a beautiful acoustic cover of The Police classic ‘Every Breath You Take’.

John posted the video of himself performing the song live and unedited, on IGTV on the twins official Instagram page, @Jepicpics. John later replied personally to many fans, thanking them for their complimentary comments, as they bombarded the video with words of praise.

You can see and hear Johns acoustic version on Every Breath You Take, on @Jepicpics IGTV here.

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