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John and Edward are in the latest issue of Yeah! Magazin.  If you’re in Germany, please buy a copy to show your support.

Here’s the English translation.  Thanks to Nina for doing it!

True or false?

Do Jedward want to quit the music business because of nasty haters? FALSE!

Actually John and Edward are currently working on their new album “Free Spirit”. The single of the same title has already been released on iTunes earlier this year.  Although most of their fans were thrilled, there’s also been criticism re their new sound. Nasty haters had a go at the lads, accusing them of not sounding like Jedward any more…

John and Edward don’t let it get to them though:

“Our new sound sounds a bit different. We’ve grown up and can eventually make exactly the music we always wanted to make. It’s a shame if it doesn’t appeal to some people but we’re going through with our thing and hope we can treat our fans with our new music also.”

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