International Jedward Day

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It was declared that November 26 be designated “International Jedward Day”.  This was an idea from Australian Jedward fan, @Jed_Bella, who started the move a few weeks back on Instagram.

International Jedward Day

It all snowballed from there, with John and Edward tweeting about it on the 25th:

Early in the morning of 26 November, the trend, appeared, and the tag kept going all day.  It was declared a success when wrote a piece about the event (crediting the twins with the day, but ah well):

International Jedward Day 1International Jedward Day 2International Jedward Day 3International Jedward Day 4So thank you to everyone who made it such a special day – and particularly @Jed_Bella 🙂 Let’s do it all again next year!

The last word goes to @MommaJedward:

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