Happy International Jedward Day!


Yes it’s that time of year again! For the third consecutive year the Jedward fandom commemorates International Jedward Day by celebrating all things Jedward!

Started in 2014 by Australian fan Bella, it was significant last year as it coincided with the US celebration of Thanksgiving, with many fans sharing how they were grateful for John and Edward.

John and Edward have had a brilliant year this year so far, with highlights including turning 25 last month, with a sold out concert at London’s O2 Academy. They also had a mini-tour at Easter taking in Dublin, Cork, Glasgow and London. Additionally they performed at Cowgate, Edinburgh, for St Patrick’s Day, followed by leading the St Patrick’s Day Parade – accompanied by St Patrick himself – in Limerick. The Limerick Parade is the second largest in Ireland, after Dublin.

John and Ed went to China in April, where they appeared on the popular TV programme, ‘Day Day Up’, in a show about twins. They sang ‘Lipstick’, and an acoustic cover of Justin Bieber’s song, ‘Love Yourself’. More recently they were judges in the expert industry panel at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Malta, where they were also invited to perform their latest single, ‘Hologram’. They returned to the Sharknado franchise, this time appearing as “Astro-Techs”, with speaking roles, in ‘Sharknado 4’.


John and Edward have been making waves in the YouTube world as well. In June they attended VidCon, in Anaheim California, where they held an unofficial meet and greet, and impressed and charmed many who had not previously heard of them before. In August they were guests at London’s Summer In The City, the UKs largest YouTube event. In addition to their official meet and greet on the Sunday of the event, lasting 3 hours, and going overtime by an hour, the twins held an unofficial meet and greet the previous day, which saw them work tirelessly for over 8 hours, meeting and greeting well over a thousand people. They made many friends within the community as well, and just this weekend are in Galway at Minevention, with UK Minecraft YouTuber (and Jedward fan), Sqaishey.

Musically it’s been a fantastic year as well. Jedward released the video ‘Good Vibes’ on St Patrick’s Day, a song which has now seen over 1.2M views on YouTube, and continues to rise. In August they released ‘The Hope Song’, the accompanying video for which is an almost faithful reproduction of Justin Timberlake’s ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling!’.

Most recently, their song, ‘Hologram’, a pumping dance song with a video filmed in Sweden, Hungary, and other locations, has met with critical acclaim, and whose views are climbing steadily, and it’s hoped will crack the 1M mark shortly.

What are your plans for #InternationalJedwardDay? Will you make a video talking about how much John and Edward mean to you? Will you put up posters or stickers around your local area? Do you plan to promote the hashtag all day and get it trending on Twitter and Instagram? Maybe contact your local radio station and let them know about the day and get them to play ‘Hologram’? Perhaps make a playlist of just ‘Hologram’ and see if that one million mark can be reached today? Let us know in the comments, or even tweet us at @jedworldnews!

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