Jedward Show The IFTAs How To Do Style

 Jedward 2

Jedward were the talk of the town last week when the duo presented two awards at the IFTA Gala Awards.

In the inaugural separate event awarding excellence in television, John and Edward presented the awards for ‘Animation’, and ‘Children’s/Young Peoples’, the winners being SixteenSouth for ‘Lily’s Driftwood Bay’, and GMarsh TV Productions, for ‘Our Farm’, respectively.

John and Edward looked dashing in sparkly jackets custom made from fabric they had selected themselves, John wearing red, and Edward in silver. They paired the look with satiny trousers, finishing with black studded dress shoes: the effect seeing them declared ‘best dressed males’, and ‘a hit’ by the Irish media.

Speaking to RTE Ten, the duo announced they will be working on new music and videos and intend to release new track ‘Good Vibes’ soon.

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